System enables the rescue team to send text messages to every cell phone within the operating range at once or to individual cell phones selected from the list.
Text messages can either be selected from a list of standard messages or customized, however sender ID cannot be modified.


System enables the user to locate active mobile phones with accuracy within 0.5m.

The operating range is:

  • Up to 1,400 m when operating from the ground
  • Up to 3,000 m while operating from a helicopter
Voice calls

System can maintain up to 3 simultaneous calls between mobile phones in its range.
This function enables communication between rescue teams and missing people, who remained conscious. Additionally, the rescue professionals can use the GSM network created by the system to communicate with each other.

Caller ID displayed during every connection is predefined in accordance with the actual number of the search and rescue agency.

How does ASSA MobileSweep® technology work

System generates
private GSM network
Connects with target's cell phone and activates the transmission process
Rescue team locates the source of the signal using a directional finders