The system uses advanced GSM tracking technology ASSA MobileSweep® in order to locate the signal transmitted by mobile phones. It has been created specifically for search and rescue agencies that frequently operate in extreme environmental conditions. Solid construction of the system guarantees large degree of shock resistance and waterproof shell protects it from adverse weather conditions such as rain, ash or excess humidity.

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Up to 3,000 m using directional antennaa

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Up to 90 minutes

Performance on built in battery

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External power source inputs

From 9 to 36V DC or 110/240V AC

ASSA MobileSweep® technology
offers two modes of operation

Random interception mode

Allows search of all mobile phones in the area specified by the operator from 10 up to 1000m)

Target mode

Enables search of previously defined mobile phones

Random interception mode

GSM network generation

System generates local GSM network

Scanning the area for cell phones

All cell phones in previously specified range
(from 10 – 3000m)

Transmission Activation

System enables the operator to activate transmission process in registered cell phones

Transmission Location

Source of transmission can be traced using directional finders

Target mode

Data input

ID data of target mobile phones are introduced into the system

GSM network generation

System generates local GSM network

Scanning the environment for target mobile phones

System only registers phones from the target list

Transmission activation and location

Once cell phone registers with the system, transmission will begin and its source can be traced using directional finders


The system is composed of only proven technological solutions that increase safety and comfort of use in difficult weather conditions.

Item 1
Computer from Panasonic Toughbook series
Item 1
Solid construction based on B&W case
Item 1
Ergonomic directional finders made using high quality antennas
Item 1
External batteries