ASSA Search and Rescue System

ASSA SAR is a leading producer of systems that support rescue crews in search and rescue missions. Our systems use advanced GSM tracking technology ASSA MobileSweep®, which enables the teams to locate and communicate with the victims even in the most difficult conditions and doesn’t require presence of the actual GSM network.


System offers the following functions even in areas without GSM network’s coverage

Function 1

Locate active mobile phones of the victims with up to 0.5m accuracy.

Function 1
Voice Calls

Send text messages to every cell phone within the operating range, with sender ID corresponding to your rescue team.

Function 1

Maintain up to 3 simultaneous calls between mobile phones within range. Communicate with the victim even in areas without provider’s coverage.

Created to operate in the most difficult conditions

Solid construction of the system guarantees large degree of shock resistance and waterproof shell protects it from adverse weather conditions such as rain, ash or excess humidity.

Mountain rescue

We’ve developed a range of solutions that greatly increase the mobility of the system and user comfort, based on the experience acquired during multiple tests with polish search and rescue agencies.

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